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Registration Closes
And Coronavirus challenges workshops
Live Hackathon Kickoff
Join us and the 400 teenage girls Hackathon participants
Coding time - using JavaScript and HTML
And - debugging,  designing and building final presentations
Live Closing Ceremony
The same 400 girls  in a  zoom session  (tired and accomplished)
Uploading products  for experts' feedback
The products will be available on our website


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BE .safe


Virtual Hackathon 

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We believe that coding is for everyone.

Most of our participants  enter the program with no Computer Science background. Together we learn, enjoy, and at the end of the year  have the  skills to design and code real working products.

The hackathon simulates the mindset and working process in the high-tech industry and we encourage our participants to explore it as a desired career and workplace.

End of year celebration

In QueenB we celebrate the end of  each year by holding the biggest female hackathon in Israel.


This year is no different, and it's time to implement everything we learned during the year,  be creative and brave, and cross the finish line together.

We will explore together solutions to challenges we see around, and then brainstorm, design, plan, and code solutions together.


The theme for this year's hackathon is BE.SAFE, and will take place virtually. It will focus on challenges from Coronavirus.  

We are excited and ready for this challenge, you are more than welcome to  join  us!

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