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QueenB hackathon
חניכות קווין בי מתכנתות
מדריכות קווין בי האקתון
מדריכות קווין בי סטודנטיות למדעי המח
חניכות קווין בי אומץ
חניכת קווין בי מתכנתת
מדריכות קווין בי סטודנטיות למדעי המח

QueenB is an association founded by computer science students in light of the minority of women around them. Out of a desire to change this reality, the association has set itself the goal of raising the female representation in the technological field.  

Although in elementary school girls' achievements are the same as those of boys, they have reservations about technological fields and in computer majors in high school there are only about 30% students. The reluctance continues even in later stages of life, and the percentage of women in these fields in academia and industry is even lower.

The purpose of the association  It will create a sense of competence among girls and women regarding their ability to engage in any profession they choose. Our main activity is a scholarship program where computer science students teach programming to eighth graders.  As part of the association's activities, computer science students get to work together as well as take part in joint events. In doing so we hope to produce a cohesive social group of talented and powerful women.

Our activities

הפעילות שלנו

Student community

We appeal to students of computer science and computer engineering.

Our goal is  Produce "networking" between computer science students and women in industry and develop the students at the level  Personal and professional.
The nature of the activity is the holding of events and training for computer science students, such as the Acton for female students, an employment fair, lectures in fields relevant to industry today by senior representatives from leading high-tech companies and more.

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Programming classes for girls

JavaScript and HTML programming lessons  Build teens once a week throughout the year. The lessons were written by the founding team of the association to suit girls, and are taught by computer science students, who accept it.  Social scholarship.
The main goal is to increase the circle of girls who choose to study computer science. The trend is actually the girls' front door to significant relevant military service and gaining experience that will allow for easier integration into academia and industry later on.

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"At first everything looks like a collection of words on the screen, but after more  And more lessons and with the help  The amazing instructors, everything will be understood "

Maya, 8th grade

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