QueenB is a community of young women and girls involved in programming. We offer eighth-grade girls one-week programming classes with instructors who are computer science and engineering students.

You do not need any previous background to learn to program with us. We have years of experience in learning programming for teenagers in a creative and fun way, and in a method that makes it fun to persevere.

Why should a 14-year-old girl learn to program?

The high-tech industry is the most stable and profitable industry in the Israeli economy, especially today. High-tech companies are looking for more and more suitable manpower and understand the importance of human diversity. Learning programming is a starting point that can ensure financial independence.

Programming is not just a tool that guarantees a professional future. Together we learn to be more confident in ourselves, to be brave to experiment in new areas, to strengthen ourselves and each other.

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מזרח ירושלים

יפו אג'יאל


חברת Western Digital

כפרים בגולן



המרכז לחדשנות טכנולוגית JLM Spark, גוננים

תל-אביב יפו

איזור עזריאלי / דרך השלום



מחוייבות אישית



בית-הספר הדו-לשוני

תל-אביב יפו

אוניברסיטת תל-אביב

קריית חיים


האוניברסיטה העברית, קמפוס גבעת רם

חבל מודיעין


חברת Microsoft

גליל עליון

Girls striking a pose with their fists

Continuing online as well

At this stage we are preparing for the start of the year with a physical presence in our centers of activity, but the situation may change at any time in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministries of Education and Health.

in that case  Our activities will be in a hybrid format, combining online programming sessions and group sessions in the open air. Do not worry,  We already have four months of experience and everything it takes to deliver our activities in the highest quality, complete and enjoyable way even in the shadow of restrictions.

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