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The Acton  For girls

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At the same time choosing ideas for projects
Startup Live
Join us and the four hundred participating girls
Writes code, designs, prepares pitch and meets with mentors from the industry
The annual graduation event in Jerusalem
Present products, receive feedback from industry experts,
Summarize a year and separate
The products are available for your impression here on the site

We believe that programming is for everyone.

Most of the trainees in the program arrive without any prior background and together with us they learn, invest, enjoy and end the year with the ability and motivation to plan.  Diverse and professional products. 
The Acton simulates the thinking and teamwork processes in the high-tech industry,  To it we direct the girls.

End of year celebration

In QueenB every year ends with a huge hackathon,
The largest women's and girls' acton in Israel.

This year, too, it's time to apply everything we've learned,
Be brave, creative and cross the finish line together.
Together we will explore, think, make decisions, plan and develop a solution to a challenge that bothers us.

This year’s hackathon, BeYourself, will address challenges and issues of self-identity, self-expression and acceptance of the other.

  We are excited and ready for the challenge and invite you all to take part in doing it with us.

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