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Connecting to the MIT App Inventor software

Build your own app today! How to begin?

Approached  locate And click the Create apps button on the top right.

Log in to the Inventor App with the username  And the password in your gmail account.

If you do not have a gmail account, you must open an account at this time in order to continue the process.

Click the allow button to enable  Sync your email account with App Inventor.

Approved  The terms of use.

We will start a new project:

On the My Projects page, click on the Start new Project button at the top left of the screen. Another option is to go to the Projects menu and select Start new Project.

Project name chosen:

The project is called FortuneTeller, or the name of your choice in English  And no spaces.

We will present the application in the emulator:

To use the emulator we need  Run software called aiStarter, which enables  The browser communicates with the emulator.

The link to the software is on the desktop. Click on the link twice.

Immediately afterwards the following screen will be displayed:

We will return to the AppInventor screen, clicked  On the Connect menu and select the Emulator option. 

When clicked, the following message will appear:

At the same time we can see that messages appear on the aiStarter screen:

When the emulator is turned on, we can see it rising with a black screen (as possible  See Example # 1),

Then the "phone" turns on (# 2), a few seconds later our app will load (# 3)

When in the final mode the screen will be white (# 4). 

The first time we open the emulator we are asked to update:

When at the same time we can see in the emulator itself the download of the update, click OK.

Now we will see the screen 1, click on Install and we will see that the installation starts  When screen 2 appears.

When the installation is complete, a screen 3 will appear, click on Done.

We return to the main screen in AppInventor, click on a menu  connect

And within it about the option Reset connection:

Immediately after that we click again on the Connect menu  And selected in Emulator:

If the Emulator closes or hangs, we will repeat these steps.

Now the emulator will go up and we will be able to see and test the  Our app in all stages of its construction.




Now that we know  How to run the emulator,  Let's start building the app!

Click here To go to the app build guide.

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